Calvin Klein underwear ads archive

November 7, 2006

I like Calvin Klein’s ads and also his design. The simplicity with his detailed design draws me to his stores from time to time. I, by the way, must confess that I own a few pieces of Calvin Klein underwear, even though I don’t usually buy brandname stuff. 😛

With a long business history, so he has launched many ads, and therefore I, who likes commercial art, have collected some of them and listed chronically.

Photo no.1 : Tom Hinthaus 1984
Photo no.2 : unknown model, in athletic underwear from Vanityfair 1992
Photo no.3-4 : Marky Mark 1993
Photo no.5 : Michael Bergin 1995
Photo no.6-7 : Antonio Sabato, Jr 1997
Photo no.8 : Travis Fimmel 2001
Photo no.9-10 : Fredrik Ljungberg 2006

“Calvin Richard Klein was born November 19, 1942, in the New York Bronx. Interested in fashion since childhood, a young Klein taught himself how to sketch and sew, and took his innate design skills with him to the classrooms of the New York High School of Art and Design. After a brilliant and provocative ad featuring Brooke Shields in the 1970s, his name became synonymous with designer jeans. Nowadays, he is famous for his underwear line, his extensive line of perfumes, the All-American look, and sticking to tradition, his provocative ads.” For further information about Calvin Klein’s underwear, please visit CKU


2 Responses to “Calvin Klein underwear ads archive”

  1. Shane Says:

    Calvin Klein models really are some of the best…love it!

  2. nicholas Says:

    i love you guys in the web

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