My wish lists

October 28, 2006

My wish lists;
First of first is to finish my Ph.D. …..I hope that I will have to spend only one more year with this dissertation. I truely love my research, but sometime it’s a pain in the ass autschhh..!!



To travel : to Lisbon, Madrid, St.Petersburg, Tibet, Rio de Janeiro, Luxor, Victoria fall of Tanzania, Machu Picchu, the Great Barrier Reef, Stockholm and Kiruna for The Northern Light ,Istanbul, The Trans-Siberian, Mandalay, Angkor Wat, Yosemite Park, Silk Road, The Trans Patagonia, The Trans Canada…..and much more!!!!

To have : my own design office.

To be : a lecturer at my university, as I have promised to someone there.

My goodness, I wish to have so many things……However, Happy birthday to me to me. 😛

P.S.1 Thanks to Gooooogle for those images, which are gathered for this post.
P.S.2 Goshhhhhhhh, I have spent a lot of time to collect those images from Gooooogle!!!!….


2 Responses to “My wish lists”

  1. pugento Says:

    Congratulation! Real nice picture!

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