My lastest trip with my boyfriend

October 24, 2006

Another trip of mine to Wernigerode, “Wernigerode is a town in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. It is the capital of the district of Wernigerode. It is located southwest of Halberstadt, and is picturesquely situated on the Holtemme river, on the north slopes of the Harz Mountains. It contains several interesting Gothic buildings, including a fine town hall with a timber facade of 1498. Some of the quaint old houses which have escaped the numerous fires that have visited the town are elaborately adorned with wood-carving…….” Wiki



We,18 people, started from Berlin with The Weekend Ticket, which means pay 1 get 5, and therefore its price is very cheap. We departed very early in the morning, because it took 3.30 hours to arrive Wernigerode. Meanwhile, I had been looking forward to seeing this city. On the way, I started to take photo just from the beginning of the trip. (The morning sun is shown on the top)



The cityhall is one of the highlight. It was quite quiet, when we arrived……………………………too early for “normal tourist” to roam around..hehehe…..Later we started to explore here and there, before we went to the famous castle. Of course, one day trip is always in a hurry, so I had spent most of my time taking photos.





Until we reached the castle. The view from the castle to the city was spectacular. Especially this time, when leaves are changing color. These leaves created nostalgic feeling to the city. At the same time, cool wind, sunlight, noises from the woods added dramatic scene…..This is one of the most romantic and fun trip, I have ever made for this year with friends, my boyfriend and a great memory in my mind. 😛







3 Responses to “My lastest trip with my boyfriend”

  1. Shane Says:

    Great pics…love Germany, they have the best castles.

  2. anpanpon :P Says:

    so a little bit jealous Y_Y
    wanna go, too !!

  3. baerchen Says:

    To Shane,
    Yes, Germany is a nice country and not only castles but ….too :p

    To Pon, the next time :p

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