Sex in the kitchen, because love is an all day affair

October 20, 2006


Feeling adventurous? In the mood for something new? or even engaging in something a little different or even spontaneous?…hehehe….I know what you think!! :P..You can simply try to put on some sensual music, and begin preparing the meal. Let your boyfriend sitting on a chair, and bring your boyfriend something to eat, but don’t place it directly in his mouth; pass it underneath his nose, press it against his cheek; finally, slide it onto his tongue.


Now unbutton your shirt ..(just shirt!!), then pick up his hand and place it on your exposed skin. Tease him until he squirms, then walk away to prepare more food. Come back and try to unbutton your boyfriend’s shirt…slooooowly……thaaaaat’s it…..


Then walk away to prepare food again….meanwhile you can seduce him by words but don’t forget to be a bit playful and wild….:P As the evening progresses, the game becomes even more fun: now you can begin to remove the clothing of your boyfriend in the chair, one piece at a time…To have dinner and being naked at time can be somewhat fun. 😛


2 Responses to “Sex in the kitchen, because love is an all day affair”

  1. Bobby Says:

    Hot site! Wow. I was watching E! Television here at work in NY on the overnight when they ran a piece about the Le Stade calendar. Naturally I wanted one and when I Googled it your website appeared. Nice. Perfect mix.


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