Men in uniform : America’s heroes 2007 calendar…what the heck?!?

October 15, 2006

“Some of the hottest hunks in the Marine Corps are posing for the America’s Heroes 2007 Calendar to raise money for wounded service members and their families. “as shown in Freedomisnotfree. I’m wondering, who the target group of this campaign is?!?! Because there are many negative rumors about being gay in the US. military!!!


One thing I can say is, many gay and women will buy this calendar, whether its purpose for charity or whatever.














From my point of view ” Many American are still very conservative and narrow minded about this matter as we might have seen from many debates concerning gay’s matter. In general circumstances e.g. to wear a low cut swimwear to a beach is considered as being gay, to have a clothing optional resort, which it sounds ridiculous to me because here in europe, one can be naked in many lakes, beaches etc. Meanwhile, LA, SF, NYC, DC are more open minded and tolerant to those who are homosexual, whereas in Midwest is slightly taboo. Now with this calendar from the Marine Corps !!! oh my oh my..what the heck is going on in this dubious society?!?!”


5 Responses to “Men in uniform : America’s heroes 2007 calendar…what the heck?!?”

  1. Dayngr Says:

    Don’t ask don’t tell!

  2. baerchen Says:

    That implies to the law, doesn’t it 🙂

  3. Ecosseboi Says:

    Definitely homoerotic overtones in those pictures>

  4. About gay Says:

    […] I remember that I have posted an article about men in uniform once, and at that time was for the America’s Heroes 2007 Calendar……………2007 hasn’t arrived yet, so there must be another one and YES!!!…it happens again, men in uniform calendar. This is time for The Houston Fire Fighters Burned and Crippled Childrens Fund. via Shane […]

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