2006 fall and trend reports

October 12, 2006


Fall has arrived and so fashion trend for this season. I had a quick look at Style and this year is slightly the same as the year before. Brown or earth tone is still the most classical way to dress yourself up. One thing, I am not crazy about brand f**king names. At the same time, I still respect another person courtesy ,and therefore I prefer to dress properly and well.


Well, there are many tips. First of first is to use your creativity by finding what you have in your closet and match up. Second, flea market doesn’t mean bad but it depends on what you seek. Third, Ebay….hehehehe….it is a place where one can buy cheap clothes. For your pocket sake, how many people would come to you and poke at your collar to see brandname tag ?!?!


All fashion designers use their imagination to create nice piece of work and so you could as well. Just practice this skill and you will be able to dress to kill on your next date. 😉 I, by the way, like to look at Style from time to time. Though I have already had a boyfriend. 😛


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