October 10, 2006

It doesn’t mean, when one likes to wear a cock ring and he has to like S&M. I usually wear a metal cock ring. To me, I see it as a pleasure ornament, which gives me a special feeling to my package. 😛

Why wear a cock ring? There are various reasons:
++ Many people like the look.

++ Many men like the feel of having their cock and balls encircled. A good cock ring can feel as though someone has taken hold of you in an intimate grip.

++ Cock rings can create larger, harder erections. Since blood flow enters the penis through arteries on the inside of the shaft, and leaves it through the veins on the outside, wearing a cock ring can help to keep more blood inside the shaft– which is what causes erections.

++ A cockring enhances sensation for men around the penis and balls and can intensify the sensation of orgasm. They can also maintain erections for longer.

++ Men wearing cockrings should have more control over their erection and orgasm.

How to wear a cock Ring?

To fit properly, a cockring should be loose enough to get on and off easily, but a bit snug to work its magic once the blood starts pumping. To calculate the minimum size of a cockring, cut a strip of paper or ribbon no wider than 1/4 inch. Starting from the top of your penis at the base (where it meets your body), wrap the paper under your scrotum, bringing it around to the starting point. Mark the paper where it meets. Measure that length, then divide by three. The correct diameter of the cockring you should order is approximately one-third of the length.

Conversion Chart
Circumference….Diameter (ring size)
5.50” ……………………..1 ¾”
5.89″ ……………………..1 7/8″
6.28″ ……………………..2.0″
6.67″ ……………………..2 1/8″
How do I put on a cock ring?
Here’s how it works:
++ Pull the scrotal skin through the ring.
++ Follow this by popping the balls through.
++ Now bend the penis down and pull it through the ring.

You’ll find that following these steps will make getting the ring on much easier. To take it off, simply reverse the steps, pushing the cock back through the ring first, followed by the balls and finally the scrotal skin. To help things slip in and out easily, try using a good lubricant.


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