Every single day, hour, and minute has its purpose

October 9, 2006


I found an interesting article on A friend of mine’s blog. It is something, which many of us have forsaken. The article, by the way, was written in Thai, so I tried to translate to english. 😛


We have higher skyscrapers and wider streets, but our patience become less.

We have bigger house, but our families become smaller.

We invent new medication system, but our health become worse.

We love each other less, but have more hatred.

We have gone far to the moon, but it is so hard to say hello to our neighbors.

We have digged further to deep space, but we leave our minds untouched.

We can earn a lot of money, but cannot reach moral respect.

We spend a lot of time to work, along the side with high divorce rate and resentment.
From now on

Don’t keep your good deeds to yourself
and wait for a special moment.
Because today you are still alive and it is the best moment ever.

Try to fathom and enlighten your heart.

Sit and enjoy your well being.

Spend more time with family, friends and your beloved one.

Eat deliciously

Travel to wherever your heart desires.

Tell your beloved one, that you love him very much.

Don’t procrastinate to do anything, which enhances your good spirit.

Every single day, hour, and minute has its purpose.
and nobody knows, when it ends.
Via Anpanpon

3 Responses to “Every single day, hour, and minute has its purpose”

  1. Superb and lovely poem ( if i may call it so!) . thanks for translating! as they say truth is like a mirror we refuse to see.

  2. baerchen Says:

    pleasure pleasure 😉

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