Gay chat room abbreviations and terms

October 7, 2006

I had been wondering from time to time about these things, while I chatted with someone. Oh boy, I find, it is some sort of one’s laziness!!!, though one might say “for the sake of time”. However, here are some of them. It might help you more or less in the future. 😉

2 : to

4 : for

69 : Sixty-nine — Blowjob.

A : Asian

ALT : Alternative sex – doesn’t necessarily refer to gay sex (often refers to BDSM and assorted kink)

ASL : Age Sex Location

B : Black

BB : Bare Backing – to have anal sex without a condom.

BDSM : Bondage, Discipline, Sado-Masochism

Bear : refers to gay men who have beards and/or mustaches – bearded mainly

BF : boyfriend

BI : Bi-sexual

BJ : Blow Job(s)

Blnd : Blond

BRB : Be Right Back or Bathroom Break

Brn : Brunette

Btm or Bottom : Guy who prefers to be fucked or submissive role

CBT : Cock Ball Torture

CD : Cross Dresser

CP : Corporal Punishment/Whips/paddles

CPLS : Couples

Cub : refers to younger bears

Cut : No foreskin

DDF : Drug/Disease

Free Dom : Dominant Male

DM : Divorced Male (usually referring to a straight marriage)

DGM : Divorced Gay Male (usually referring to a straight marriage)

Fems : feminine

FF : Fist Fucking

G&Bf : Gags and Blindfolds

GAM : Gay Asian Male

GBM : Gay Black Male

GWM : Gay White Male

H : Hispanic

IM : Instant Messagers (MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ and etc.)

ISO : In Search Of

K : okay

LD : Light Drinker

LDR : Long Distance Relationship

LMAO : laugh my ass off

LOL : Laughing Out Loud

LS : Light Smoker

LTR : Long Term Relationship

M : Male

M2M : Male To Male

NP : No Problem

NS : Non-smoker,
but in German means Natursekt=Watersport

PLS : Please

PnP : Party And Play; usually under the influence of drugs.

POS : HIV Positive

SD : Sensory Depravation

SM or S/M : Sado-Masochism

SN : screen name

Sub : Submissive

Stats : your personal information (weight, height, race, age, etc.)

Str8 : straight

TG : Transgender

THX : Thanks

Top : Guy who prefers to be the one who fucks or dominant

Toys : refers to dildoes, butt-plugs

TS : Transsexual

TT : Tit torture / play

TV : Transvestite

ur : your, you are

Uncut : Has foreskin

VA : Verbal Abuse

Vrs or Ver: : Versatile — giver or receiver / Top or Bottom

WB : Welcome Back

WS : Water Sports – piss sports

YO : Years Old


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