Behind the scene of the naked Australian rugby league calendar 2007

October 4, 2006




Male nude calendar again!!!. It seems that many productions launch thier campaigns during this time of the year. The Naked Rugby League calendar 2007 was released in Sydney on the 27th of September 2006, with sales to help raise funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Some of the NRL’s biggest stars, including Australian Test representatives Johnathan Thurston and Justin Hodges, are photographed nude in the publication.


Many of the shots leave little to the imagination, but it is Youngquest’s revealing pose – in which one hand is placed partially over his genitalia – that caused a stir today. Meanwhile, a National Breast Cancer Foundation spokeswoman said the organisation was not behind the production of the calendar, but confirmed it would benefit from its sale.


It isn’t “meat market”, so far but somehow this idea seems to spread all over rugby business across the world whether for charity or marketing. Whatever intention is, as long as it does some good to us then it counts. Here are some “behind the scene” photos…:P






3 Responses to “Behind the scene of the naked Australian rugby league calendar 2007”

  1. Millie Says:

    Shall have to buy this one, that’s for sure!

  2. brandon Says:

    Just seems like more of the same, how about more hardcore real ation next time as in the pictures above… But I think it’s great and will have to get one for all the gays I know!

  3. Floroskop Says:

    I think this try.

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