Dieux Du Stade 2007 : male nude calendar

September 28, 2006

At last, the 2007 calendar of your favourite rugby team: Dieux Du Stade (Gods Of The Stadium) has arrived. Julien Arias is becoming a regular on the Dieux Du Stade calendar and for the year 2007, he is on the cover. He was in 2005 with a simple white towel, last year he was hidding it behind a ball and this year he has this dirty and sexy look asking us to pull down his short a little lower 😉

Several well-oiled specimens of male beauty from the French rugby team known as Le Stade Francais have been getting naked with each other for a sell-out charity calendar called “Dieux Du Stade.” They’re also starring in a DVD on the making of the calendar. The calendar has been produced since 2001 and has been popular among women in France ever since. But the 2004 calendar, which some say is more homoerotic than the previous version, is gaining significant ground with gay men.! Whatever they say…..here are some images from Dieux Du Stade 2007-!!! Don’t faint while you watch them. 😛

The calendar is beautiful and can best be described as photobooks with exceptional Black & White/Color photography of semi-nude and nude male physiques with superior print processing on high-grade/heavy-weight paper. This year’s theme is “Day Of Match” spanned across 45 pages, shot in a Paris stadium and its suburb, a hotel and a discotheque. Here are some photos of backstage. 😛


* Photographer: Mariano Vivanco

* Artistic Direction: Susanna Cucco & Macs Lotti

* Black & White/Colour photography
* 45 pages total
* 65 Photos (5 in colour)
* Dimensions: 14.2″ x 16.7″

2 Responses to “Dieux Du Stade 2007 : male nude calendar”

  1. Glasgow Sam Says:

    Check out the SHU University Rugby Club nude calendar 2007 at http://www.shurugby.com

  2. baerchen Says:

    I just checked the website, but those photos are so unprofessional.

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