How to kiss and be a great kisser

September 27, 2006

Kissing is very important for a relationship, but somehow, many people don’t know how to kiss. Firstly, moisten your lips before you kiss is a good idea, because no one really likes to kiss sandpaper lips.; however, avoid the wet doglips. 😛

Things you should know


Keep Relaxed and don’t stiffen are not going to kiss Brad Pitt.!!! 😛


You should either be standing or sitting close to your partner. You can also start to touch his body because great kissing involves more than just the skillful use of your mouth and lips. What you do with your hands plays an important part too.


Don’t forget to “close your eyes”.


Start by opening your mouth slightly and placing your lips over your partner’s lips, then go on to moving your lips in a slow, circular motion.


Your hands should keep touching all parts of his upper body too, but be gentle when you touch him. Then start to unbutton (in case of shirt) from one to another, gently, then stop at half of them and use your hands touching his chest and down to his lower body.


Don’t be in a hurry…Take your time and tell yourself, this is endless kissing. 😛


Start to unbutton his pants from one to another with one of your hand…..(but your mouth and lips are still working with his lips)…. Learn how to unbutton without seeing 😉

Unbutton the other half of his shirt. Meanwhile, you can change your position by kissing down from his mouth to his pants before you take his pants off.!!!
Now he must be undressed….the rest is up to you now. 😉 Oh by the way, your mouth should be clean before you start to kiss your partner. 😉

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