Gay leather

September 26, 2006
I had wondered many times about the history and beginning of this fetish. Firstly, I “thought”, it could have been older than 100 years and hidden as “underground”-subculture, but in fact, it has begun after the WW II. On the other hand, this kind of outfit had existed during the Roman empire, but no record about homosexual or do I miss some information ?!?!
Gay male BDSM leather culture grew out of post-WWII biker culture. Some men returning from World War II with no desire to return to their hometowns received surplus motor cycles, leather jackets, and other military gear before setting out to re-establish their lives. For many gay men, the military had provided camaraderie and a closeness to other men that they sought to continue once they returned. The first gay motorcycle clubs evolved from the groups of men that bonded together. The first gay leather bars were the club houses of these early biker clubs that opened later to the public. For further infomation, please click here.
I admit that I like leather stuff 😳 , but I am not into SM. Am I now trying to defend myself ?!?!. 😛 This kind of fetish doesn’t always mean brutal or violent because some might think it is like fancy kind of outfit or kinky, whereas some others think and are really into it. I have found a website concerning this matter and it is quite depressive to read about discrimination and violence issues. Sad but true and it has already happened for sometime. For further information about discrimination and violence towards the SM/fetish population.

2 Responses to “Gay leather”

  1. Martin Says:

    I love leather culture. the sight, smell, taste of leather turns me on!

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