My boyfriend

September 22, 2006
Today my boyfriend asked me to make some photos with his formal outfit, which was very unusual scene !!. Normally, he likes and prefers to wear casual outfit instead.
Heute bat mein Freund mich, einige Fotos von ihm in formaler Kleidung („Schlips und Kragen“) zu machen, was ein sehr ungewöhnliches Aussehen war!! Normalerweise mag und möchte er lieber saloppe Kleidung tragen.!! 😉
After that, I used some photo retouching techniques to make different color, and brightness because his canon camera’s color sync is quite dull.
Danach benutzte ich einige Retuschiertechniken, um andere Farben und Helligkeiten zu erzeugen, weil die Farbsynchronisation seiner Kamera ziemlich dumpf ist.
By the way, the photos were taken at the apartment’s backyard.
Übrigens wurden die Fotos im Hinterhof der Wohnung aufgenommen. 

9 Responses to “My boyfriend”

  1. Good looking guy , I should say, Congrats!

  2. anpanpon :P Says:

    เท่ห์โคตรพี่ 🙂

  3. baerchen Says:

    Thanks guys

  4. ฉ่ำ ฯ Says:

    เพิ่งเห็น สุดเท่ห์!! 😉

  5. baerchen Says:

    😉 ขอบคุณจ้า

  6. gooogolf Says:


    แต่ดูดีแบบนี้ หยวนๆอ้ะ ^^”

  7. baerchen Says:

    ทำไมถึงขาดดุลหละคุณ 😛

  8. […] It’s him, again . He incidentally posed, while he looked at a bird, so I had to be in a hurry to catch the shot. There I got. :-). I still remember the moment, when we were wandering around in the park. It was such a romantic and peaceful moment. The tranquility maximized its importance in the surrounding, while we walked hand in hand. […]

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