Thai army seizes power

September 19, 2006
Thai army seizes power : Reuters
Thailand’s Military Ousts Prime Minister : AP
Thai PM ‘overthrown in army coup : BBC
Thailand’s leader ‘ousted in coup’: CNN

Whatever headline, you name it. It means the same things and the main point of this coup d’état has no harm to any civilian so far!!! according to all resources.


According to BBC “Soldiers seized government offices and took up strategic positions around the capital, Bangkok. Parliament and the constitution have been suspended. The head of the army, Gen Sonthi Boonyaratglin, will act as acting prime minister, an army spokesman said. However, in a broadcast on all Thai television channels, the leadership of the armed forces said it had taken control of Bangkok, declared nationwide martial law and ordered all troops to return to their bases. “We ask for the co-operation of the public and ask your pardon for the inconvenience,” the announcement said. A spokesman for the coup leaders, Gen Prapart Sakuntanak, said the seizure would be temporary and power “returned to the people” soon. “

This is fine, when the army could keep their promises. To me, I don’t particular like the “Mr. Primeminister” anyway. I always debate this thing with my mother via VoIP call (as it is the cheapest way to communicate), and we always end up in a big argument. Lately, she mentioned to me that I am in Germany and how can I trust news concerning Thai’s circumstances?!?!….people in my internet generation, we get connected as fast as local people, besides, I usually read more than 2 resources., I told her…..Normally I trust in her and whenever she gives her opinions, they have been right most of the time. This time I will do my bet 😉




Moreover, “Sonthi, who is known to be close to Thailand’s revered constitutional monarch, will serve as acting prime minister, army spokesman Col. Akarat Chitroj said, according to The AP. Sonthi is a Muslim in this Buddhist-dominated nation, AP reported.”

Well well well, religion is always a sensitive subject. I do hope that the chaos down at the south of Thailand will stop shortly. I leave it with no comment concerning religion then.


Above, soldiers wave off a civilian while manning an intersection in Bangkok, Thailand, Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2006…still there is no harm nor violence….

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