The gay mayor of Berlin

September 17, 2006
woooohooo….It was really a good news . Finally, the Gay Mayor of Berlin Klaus Wowereit is re-elected on this september 2006 election for a second term as mayor and is also said to be the Social Democrats’ strongest contender for chancellor. 😉The win is credited directly to Wowereit. Despite unemployment rate in Berlin is 17 percent and the city’s debt is about € 58 billion. Nevertheless, Wowereit’s personal popularity has remained high.

By the way, Klaus Wowereit came out in 2001 at a party convention, in response to media speculation about his sexuality. He lives together for many years with his life companion Jörn Kubicki.

“I am gay, and that’s a good thing,” he said before he was elected as Berlin’s mayor.

This guy is so cool. People in Berlin love him, and I am one of them. 😉


2 Responses to “The gay mayor of Berlin”

  1. lilbearcub Says:

    Big A for Klaus!

  2. baerchen Says:

    Yes, he is great. 😉

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