New campaign of Aussibum

September 15, 2006
I surfed to Aussibum‘s website this afternoon and found that Aussibum has launched a new range of surf shorts – League and Surf Shorts. Stay tuned for the video promo by the end of this month. The following selected photos are from this campaign.
Personally, I really like photos of Aussibum‘ s campaign. They show more life, personality, feeling than other brands’ campaigns (from my point of view, nothing more nothing less). I don’t have the feeling like, those hunky studs are from a model agency, but only common folk or boys next door with sense of humor some sort.

Maybe it is Aussibum‘ s marketing strategy, which makes us feel that Aussibum is for everyone, and part of daily life.

Now, my favorite photo !!! so cool and it is like a piece of art more than an advertisement campaign 😉 I just wonder who the art director of Aussibum is. Because he has done such a great job.!!!

By the way, I don’t own any piece from Aussibum. It is so fucking expensive for a piece of underwear.!!! :-p


2 Responses to “New campaign of Aussibum”

  1. underdogarts Says:

    O my, Thanks for bringing those images together!


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