16+1 tips before buying digital camera

September 14, 2006
Actually 25 tips but I don’t find that those 8 more tips are useful. However, you can read further information at Malektips.
I made, what I think important, BOLD.
The rest is up to you 😉

1 : Set a Budget Before Buying!!<– of course smart ass!
2 : Concentrate on optical zoom, not digital zoom.
2.1: Check What the Zoom Really Means
4 : Small digital cameras may be exactly what you need.
5 : Digital camera package deals may be too good to be true!!
6 : Get a Camera with Magnified Photo Previews
7 : A digital camera microphone can provide added benefits.
8 : Be prepared to buy some extra media.
9 : What to Look for to Take Night Photography
10: Don’t Get Caught Up in Megapixels. Megapixels are not everything when it comes to buying a digital camera.
11: Be Careful with Very Cheap Prices
12: Do you require a digital camera with 6x optical zoom, or is 2x or 3x enough?
13: Where is the Tripod Socket?
14: Consider a Weatherproof Camera
15: Look for digital cameras with ISO 50 support for crisper, cleaner images.
16: What kind of media types (storage types)?


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