Sex appeal : Rusty Joiner

September 13, 2006
So attractive, sexy and natural sex appeal ;-)….oh boy..oh boy…

Rusty Joiner was born in Montgomery, Alabama and raised in Atlanta, Georgia where he attended Georgia Southern University as a student athlete participating as a college cheerleader and a gymnastics coach for four years.

You can visit his website at Rustyjoiner
More about his filmography at IMDB

It is enough for my today blog because I am going to faint soon!!!! and therefore I need to go out and catch some fresh air after I watched these photos. 😉


6 Responses to “Sex appeal : Rusty Joiner”

  1. Nestezy Says:

    He is yummy!!! Is he gay?

  2. baerchen Says:

    I have no idea, man…but, i wish 😉

  3. erick Says:

    if anybody worked at structure at the time when Rusty won, there was a video we played at the store that showed his win… well, after his big win, he was walking around on stage with a big wood!… does anybody else remember this… more importantly, did anybody swipe that video!

  4. Luis Says:

    omg!! how and where can i find that video with him and his woody!! i wanna see it!!

  5. victor Says:


    Rusty Joiner is gay o bisex?

    please tell my ………

    see you

  6. Evan Says:

    Rusty is a closeted gay man.

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