Same sex marriage

September 6, 2006
Since many gay parades in this year have passed with many campaigns. One campaign, which is always taken, is same sex marriage.

I am gay, but I still feel that it isn’t so important, unless other may have another idea concerning legal matters.

To speak about getting married (in general for both gay and straight), in my point of view, I think that i am in the middle of any discussion. One hand, I don’t like to be named as this or that, but I do prefer to remain, who I am, freeminded, anonymously. This way, I don’t mean irresponsible… ;-). On the other hand, it is ok for the sake of “social situation”.

Back to the issue of same sex marriage. I had a look last night and found several websites, lot of information and Civil Union law description, which is quite interesting to read. In the meantime, I had also found numbers of campaign materials. One of them is shown as follows ;

From above, I feel that we should live in harmony and with no racism idea nor discrimination (everybody knows but that’s life and this is the real world). Moreover, it would be nice to be able to live without border in this world. Also to be able to live in the way we want and no harm to each other. It is so sad when I had a look in this map (for larger version please click here)….

It is forbidden to be gay in some countries…Sad but true……….

It is my hope that any gay situation will be better and improved in the nearly future. Young generation has started to move forward and be more openminded as we might see in many school activities, and also there are some websites e.g. “12 Reasons Gay Marriage Will Ruin Society” It is quite ironic though. 😉

I like to say that there are many nice things in this world………One of them is Love. 😉

Some more websites concerning this issue;
Equal Marriage for Same Sex Couples
Information about advocacy and campaign methods, upcoming events and celebrations, past activities, historical perspectives and related links.

Gay marriage news
A daily update on the latest news and opinion about gay marriage

And Taking a “Husband”

PS. the bottom line is, to live happily, nobody gets hurt, enjoy each other company… is enough.


6 Responses to “Same sex marriage”

  1. budgetdreams Says:

    I am not gay but I find the whole issue a little confusing. First, we are supposed to accept gay individuals for who they are without trying to fit them into our own mold, now they want to be treated the same. Doesn’t the idea of gay marriage just bring us one step closer to trying to fit you guys into our own little predefined boxes?

  2. budgetdreams Says:

    p.s. read that 12 Reasons thing – hilarious! Everyone should read that, lol.

  3. baerchen Says:

    gay is just human so they have their needs just like you and me as well.

  4. lilbearcub Says:

    this map is just so depressing..
    @budgetdreams: if you say gay individuals, why are you referring to “them” then? every gay person has individual wishes which makes this gay marriage issue not that easy to generalize..

  5. อาทิตย์ Says:


  6. Kirsty Says:

    straight gal, but love to see men hooking up and think discrimination is bad, when against them.

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