Folsom Europe : gay fetish

September 3, 2006

The history
After more than twenty very successful years in San Francisco – 300,000 visitors every year makes Folsom Street Fair one of the largest events in California – and the other young offset Up your Alley/ Dore Alley (San Francisco) have led the organizers of the worldwide and well known Leather and Fetish organizations with actively engaged leather men of the Berlin scene to work together on an additional Street Fair in Europe. Folsom Street Events and Folsom Europe e.V. have from the beginning of 2004 jointly decided on working together. The Berlin Association will use the Folsom Street Fair for planning of the event.

On saturday, 4th September Folsom Europe 2004 celebrated its premiere in Berlin-Schöneberg. On saturday, 2nd September 2006 will be the next Folsom Europe event. From 12 noon until 10 pm Europes Leather-Fetish scene will present itself in the area of Fuggerstr. / Welserstr. At the Street Fair there will be associations, nightclubs, bars and enterprises of the Berlin and the European scene as well as sponsors from Folsom Europe awaiting you. Well known DJs of the Berlin Club scene will perform life gigs.”

Source : Folsom Europe, Project PIG

To me, this event is a big gathering for sexparty!!!, whereas CSD, Christopher street day is for gay right demonstration. And this event has nothing to do with gay right, or do they claim for the right to wear those fetish outfits in public?, of course not!!!!. I feel really sick of it. Yesterday I rode my bike to a friend for dinner and I had to pass this area. Oh boy….what an ugly scene. Though I like leather and some sort but yesterday was somewhat ridiculous scene.

Not enough, those listed events are really sucks and uncreative idea .
For example;

Friday, 01. SEP 2006
11:00 h @ Gate-Sauna
Today from 11:00 hrs starts the bathhouse-playtime without any stop till.
20:00 h @ New Action
20:00 h @ Mutschmann´s
20:00 h @ Club Culture Houze
21:00 h @ Scheune
Leather & Fetish-Party
23:00 h @ Fate-Club

Saturday, 02. SEP 2006
20:00 h @ New Action
20:00 h @ Club Culture Houze
21:00 h @ Scheune
Leather & Fetish-Party
22:00 h @ Mutschmann´s
Fetish in the Mix
23:00 h PIG
23:00 h @ Fate-Club

Sunday, 03. SEP 2006
17:30 h @ Scheune
20:00 h @ New Action
20:00 h @ Club Culture Houze
22:00 h @ Mutschmann´s


3 Responses to “Folsom Europe : gay fetish”

  1. thehoneypot Says:

    I do like leather, but all of this sounds a little disgusting.
    20:00 h @ Club Culture Houze Fuck-Factory
    What a turn off…

    By the way, will you visit the OktoBEARfest in Munich next week?

  2. FFierce Faggot Says:

    thehoneypot sounds like he’s got a little growing up to do. Try to imagine a weekend of 20,000 up for it leather men and you’ve just pictured Folsom Europe- what a turn on. You say you like leather, what exactly do you mean by that- you like leather sofas?

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