Male nude : vintage

September 2, 2006
Today I surfed internet and suddenly, gay vintage photography came to my mind. I didn’t know why and how, I ended up in this topic. However, I also found an interesting scanned image of a retro underwear. Following image is from a Montgomery Ward 1926-27 Styles of men’s underclothing catalogue. It shows the different styles of union suits and long johns men wore. (All photos by Mary Schmalstig.).

Now back to gay vintage photography. Acording to what I read, “The earliest photographers used the nude as a subject with some images going back to the 1840’s. As with art, the recreation of ancient Greek imagery placed a veneer of respectability over much of what was photographed, although there are many examples of fully sexual imagery as well. Another justification for nude photography grew out of a slim reference to the medical profession and the scientific study of anatomy and motion.”
Source : Barry Stone

And here are some of them.

Unfortunately that I couldn’t find any information of photographers.
For further information of the history of male nude : The beginnings of beefcake , Barry Stone
By the way, these photos really remind me of those sexy photos of Sean Connery and Marlon Brando
…these two stars are really sexy now and then.!! 😉


2 Responses to “Male nude : vintage”

  1. anthony Says:

    Great photos – very artistic

  2. where can i find more? these pics are awesome!

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