Bryan Ockert

September 1, 2006
Bryan Ockert, a photographer and his nice work. He makes mostly nude photos. You can also read his further information in his bio section.

Here is his statement “I have been photographing the human body for about six years. I picked up the camera and aimed it at my handsome and well-built friends after my personal “ego” website began to get so much traffic that it was becoming too expensive to just be a hobby.

Over the years, I added better technology and tried to improve as I went along. I have many fans who have been with me since my first official gallery, so they have really seen my work grow. I still try to keep up my journal, and if you REALLY want to know more about me, you cant find out what I have been doing for the last seven years by visiting it.”

So far, many photographers choose to take nice stud, hunky, well built models. Somehow, I find those models look so artificial. Somehow I wonder whether “a normal body” and “untrained body” could be a model ?!?! and therefore we would have another scene of natural photography.


4 Responses to “Bryan Ockert”

  1. thehoneypot Says:

    although those models are smoking hot, I don’t really feel compelled by them. the imperfection in men makes them perfekt for me, stereotyped super-smooth hunks never did it for me. I’d stick to reality.
    when looking at those models it seems that they all have the same mainstream features, while in reality there are so many others a photographer could focus onto. maybe it’s just too hard to extract those features and give the opportunity to discover them?

  2. baerchen Says:

    maybe, because of business, marketing, and amount of target group(many people like to see those sexy body models).

  3. joshua Says:

    hey brian how do i get ahold of you?

  4. chuck Says:

    Great web site! Today (Aug 11) you added the perfect guy, Luke. I hope to see lots more of him. Thanks again for the greatest site. I nominated you. Still going “strong” at 62.

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