Cleaning Hunk

August 30, 2006
Some of you may have seen this ads from Cleaning Hunk before. To me, it is a trick for commercial campaign. However, it is a nice trick because it isn’t a method of advertising or selling that is direct, forceful, so called hard sell. Moreover, those hunky models are so seductive. Don’t you think ?!?! 😉
P.S. Has it to do with desperate housewives ?

Cleaning Hunk for Xtra-pine


2 Responses to “Cleaning Hunk”

  1. thehoneypot Says:

    nice.. i could use some of them in my appartment right now.. just got my windows changed, so everything – EVERYTHING – is dirty and i wouldn’t mind getting some extra dirty help 😉

  2. baerchen Says:

    Tell me the result later then 😉

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