10 tips for better sex

August 24, 2006
I read some articles from Lovingyou and have adapted some information to suit my blog. Let’s start from here and find out how we can do to improve ourselves 😉

Make it unexpected.
Nothing takes away the monotony in a relationship like the unexpected! The next time you’re not doing anything, initiate a little sex play.
Add ambiance to your love nest.
The next time you plan on making love, light a few candles, spray a light scented fragrance and a put on some soft music. Ambiance can heighten just about any romantic situation.
Wear comfortable, but sexy.
In order to feel sexy, you need to look it AND be comfortable. If you are uncomfortable with any part of your body, find something that hides it or greatly compliments another feature. Confidence is a great aphrodisiac and is easier to attain in the bedroom when you look great!
Think about what your partner would like.
To add a new level to your lovemaking, take your time pleasuring your partner. Add heightened interest by letting them know what you are doing. Speak romantically during the entire session as well.
Make love in a new place.
Add a bit of excitement and newness to your sex life by making love in a new place! Rent a hotel room, try a different room, make love in public (a bit kinky thought 😉 )… the possibilities are endless.
Without speaking, take your partner and make love to them.
Silence can be an exhilarating turn on. This idea is especially effective when you do this as soon as your partner comes home.
Don’t hold back your emotions.
Be free to express yourself and your feelings when you make love. Voice how you’re feeling and don’t be too shy to do whatever you feel like doing.
Try using something new .
While sex is great without any enhancements, it can definitely be worthwhile to try a few new things. A few ideas range from blindfolds, ice, toys, movies, etc.
Torment your partner with at least an hour of foreplay.
Better yet, drag it out throughout the entire day. Suspense is a wonderful aphrodisiac and can greatly enhance your love making.
A strip dance
A strip dance is a great sensual way to add excitement to any sensual relationship. It can be slow and sultry or fast and provocative. When done right it will leave your partner wanting more, more and more!


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