Anal sex positions and tips

July 28, 2006
First of first….is…..


As always, this matters more to some people than others, but in this case it’s a more popular issue than with just about any other kind of sex, for obvious reasons. First, having bathed more recently than the last BM is a good idea.

It’s a good idea to have a bowel movement an hour or so before, to ensure that nothing is encountered during any penetration (unless you’re into that, I suppose), and then bathe the area.

Other than basic cleaning like that, oil-based lubricants are a great insulator for anal contact. They tend to cover up any potential (or simply feared) smell and transfer of icky stuff. If you use Vaseline/petrolatum, for example, the odds are that a simple wiping off with a dry cloth will result in finger/penis/whatever seeming to be just about perfectly clean. Again, this may not matter to some people, but it’s worth mention because it is crucial to others.

Now to the basic!!!

This case…………….
You = top
Your lover = bottom

Gently touching the anus is a good way to get started, once you’re worked up to it. Because this area’s not really messed with as much, it can be exciting to just be touched there.

The protate – which is just beyond the rectal wall, a few inches in, towards the front of the body – can be a source of pleasure when massaged by a finger, an object, or a penis. Also, the lower end of the penis, or “bulb,” is near the anal opening opening. It is stimulated indirectly by most types of anal sex.


It is very very important to avoid any hurt or damage!!!
I would like to suggest “Bodyglide” I experience that this is much better than any other lubricant because it lasts longer and it give you a sexy feeling, when you rub your body with your partner ;o)

Or KY gel is another kind, which I suggest ;o)

Basics positions

For most anal sex, there are a few positions which make it easier to access the butt. These generally apply to analingus, actual anal sex, or even using fingers…though with fingers almost any sexual position might work, if both parties enjoy it.

++ The most basic is for your lover to be on their back, legs spread and/or knees pulled up. Put a pillow or two under their butt…this is a big help that’s easily overlooked. In one way this is the most awkward of the positions, but it can be the easiest for your lover.
++ Another is for your lover to be on elbows and knees, as for doggie style sex. This is easier for access, but it also tends to require your lover to tighten their butt muscles a bit. This may work better if your lover has some support under their chest/belly to lean on, so they can relax more, and possibly even so they can lean forward a little, extending their legs out and to the side behind them, which might put things at an easier angle for access.
++ I wouldn’t like to recommend this position but anyway…it is nice to know ;o)…. A third position is for them to be on their side. Their legs need to be in a scissors position, perhaps the upper one extended in front of them and the other straight “down” (as if they were standing), else the upper leg drawn up toward the chest or straight upward (bent, either way), and the lower leg in whatever position is comfortable.

…see also in Anal drop position as a basic position….

Ref : sexuality

Other Positions

Here are some other positions that you can try out to see what you like best.

++ Flying Doggie : A variation of the popular doggie style position in which you stands behind your lover (instead of kneeling) and places their feet outside the legs of your lover. You’ll find that your lover will be positioned higher and will be inserting into the anus in a more downward fashion (you’re almost in mid-leap if you were playing leapfrog).
++ Missionary : The standard missionary style position (you on top, your lover on bottom) is actually also the best beginner position for anal sex, as it allows your lover to fully relax the anus, making penetration much easier.
++ Anal Drop : This position puts your lover on top and you on the bottom. You might think that this is the best beginner position, since it gives your lover control over how much – how fast, but being on top actually causes the receiver to involuntarily tighten up the anus, making penetration difficult.
++ Kama Sutra Anal :The Kama Sutra is an ancient text that teaches us to how to maximize our pleasure during lovemaking. It also teaches that anal sex is not “taboo” or forbidden. Rather, anal sex is looked upon as a key to releasing certain sexual and physical energies.
++ Wheel Barrel : In this position, you approaches your lover from behind, similar to doggie stye, but lifts your lover’s legs into the air. Your lover must support themselves with their arms only or lay flat on a bed or chair.

Ref : anal-sex-positions-tips : : I adapted some information to suit my blog ;o)

By the way, I like to read all kind of statistics. HERE is some interesting data;

Sex acts Homosexual men say they love

Insertive oral intercourse 72%
Receptive oral intercourse 71%
Insertive anal intercourse 46%
Receptive anal intercourse 43%
Receptive anilingus (tongue in the anus) 45%
Insertive anilingus 29%

Sex acts (last five) years

Three-way sex 48%
Group sex (four or more) 24%
Bondage & discipline sex 20%
Use of nipple clamps 19%
Sadomasochism 10%

Where partners met (last five years)
Bar/disco 65%
Bathhouse, sex club 29%
Adult bookstore 27%
Park, bathroom 26%
Roadside rest area 15%

Other telling statistics from the survey responses
Most (57%) report having had more than 30 partners over their lifetime, and about a third (35%) report more than 100 partners
……my goodness!!!!

Among men who have had insertive anal intercourse in the past year, 44% ejaculated in a partner without a condom. Among those who had receptive anal intercourse in the past year, 58% had a partner ejaculate without a condom.
Among HIV-infected men who have had insertive anal intercourse in the past year, 19% ejaculated without wearing a condom. They most typically did this long-term partners or with men with whom they had a purely sexual encounter rather than within the context of a relationship.

Ref : christianmusictv


10 Responses to “Anal sex positions and tips”

  1. peter kerton Says:

    i love it in the ass!!!!!

  2. Enrique Antonelli Says:

    I always knew I had a thing for guys but never acted on it. I met this wonderful guy who surpasses any woman I have been with. He respects the fact that I want to take it slow, but I want to surprise him with a romantic night out which if all goes well will culminate with sex. I wanted to read up on the different positions since I am not familiar with them and want him to not notice my unfimiliarity with gay sex.
    So thanks!

  3. nnnwewewe Says:

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  4. Chicasensu Says:

    Maybe sex- I don’t know….My nick is ChicaSensual20…wanna see me on cam?…chat page!!!

  5. jared Says:

    i luv 2 look at men who give their penis to someone else who wants it! i REALLY want to have anal sex, it looks sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo great!!! i love to ejaculate myself all the time! lay on your back, elevate your pelvis, pull up and down on your penis, and soon, sperm will shoot out!!! i do this every chance i get!! it’s fun!

  6. Dan & Garry Says:

    i think that gay sex is much more compassionate that straight sex, u can see that your partnert is loving it more. it feels so nice wen gary fucks me and he says that same to!! i cnt help bt no enjoy it. we have treid every positon in the book, n e 1 got any ideas wot we can try drop us a line on

  7. jcbbb Says:

    hey. i am supposed to have sex with one of my friends tomorrow. im 16 and im pretty excited. hes a virgin, but im not, i’ve had sex with one guy, and he had a 10 inch penis, i wasnt too fond of it, and i never really got it in the ass, but i plan on having dylon giving it to me in the ass, cause hes more manley but im going to get some t oo :] and, this column pretty much gave me some new ideas.
    thanks :]

  8. mattmatt Says:

    me and my boyee jst checked out this site and got some ideas for tommorow night!

  9. not into that Says:

    i am straight and a woman so maybe Im in the minority but i love anal sex but there is AIDS, I always use protection and if you are not you are unbelievably stupid and have a death wish, whats the point, use a condom and you can still do what you like you just get to live…sex is not to die for..PROTECT, HAVE FUN and LIVE ANOTHER DAY…enough said

  10. Jacob Says:

    i love this colomn thanks! im going to have sex with my best friend tomorrow and am looking for some good positions bbecause when ever we look some up weve all ready come up with them its good to finaly find a page with NEW sex positions thanks! i cant wait to try them with him but i cant decide whos going to take it in the ass we both arnt fond of BIG things in our asses but we both only got like 4 inch dicks so we can both take it but its realy painful for him so i gues im going to be the submissive one but i bet if i bring vascilene i can con him into leting me fuck him anyway thatnks!

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