Break your bad dating patterns

July 27, 2006
I have read this article in MSN and it is quite good point of view to reflect what we are doing, or have done.
According to this information, patterns are defined to four traits.

Hurtful habit #1: You just can’t axe the ex
It is one of the most problem, which I have seen from many friends around. Well, it is very easy to say than to do!!!…what a true fact….

How shall we forget him?. We can start by reduce the value of our bonds by destroy symbolic of relationship e.g. Anniversary day, gifts, photos and such things like this. It is hurtful but eventually, one will break free to a new direction. Many people crave their feeling and hold tight to their hearts.

Hurtful habit #2: You bail at the first sign of trouble
It says “Taking any relationship to a deeper level means you could get hurt” .
“If it’s not fear but boredom that makes you split after a few fun dates, you probably like the idea of being attractive to a person but aren’t actually interested in a relationship. If that’s the case, do yourself and potential sweeties a favor and only look for others who are interested in casual dates.”

Hurtful habit #3: After a date or two, you’re sure it’s love
Apparently, “Often, a fear of being alone contributes to this rush to commit”
Or on the other hand, I would say, it is euphoria, which blinds. I have been through this kind of situation and I must say that is true. I forgot and overlooked his flaws, even didn’t realize that he wanted to have only sex because he already had the one. Maybe a good motto is to take it slow but firm.

Hurtful habit #4: You like having a date (or two) on deck

A sample situation;
Cause: “I like to date a lot of guys at once”
Effect : “That way if one doesn’t work out, I know I have someone else.”

This kind of person is afraid of being alone, which is why he keeps a replacement sweetie standing around.. He may think, it’s so he doesn’t seem desperate, but he actually is desperate… for control. “Having a guy waiting in the wings makes people feel in control of their love life,”

So far, these traits are connected to The Dark Side of Emotional Intelligence, and passive agressive trait.

My conclusion would be
To open up our hearts, is may be the best way to solve these messy and boring problems.


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