CSD : : Berlin 22 Jul 06

July 25, 2006

Me with my black harness and jockstrap. It is so typical for leather fetish and scene.

The lastest CSD of Berlin has gone by with a big smile on my face. It was such a fun parade. Even though this parade supposed to be Gayrights demonstration!!. However, I danced my head off and was with 2 trucks. One was from Tom’s bar and the other was from AIDS-Hilfe e.v. The music was so lound but it kept my heartbeat and pulse raised up most of the time. Of course, I was completely drunken. For luck that I could ride my bike back home!!!

By the way, this year I didn’t take so many photos because I had been dancing most of the time. ;o)


One Response to “CSD : : Berlin 22 Jul 06”

  1. anpanpon :P Says:

    นึกว่าจะไม่เอารูปแรกมาลงซะแล้ว 😛

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