July 10, 2006
As we know, it is very important gadget, which we should use whenever we have sex. But there are some facts that we don’t know. Well, what are they? …..

++ Gently press out air at the tip of the condom before putting it on. An air bubble may cause the condom to tear or come off.
++ Place the tip of the rolled-up condom over the firm penis. (The rolled rim should be on the outside).
++ Make sure that as you unroll the condom down over the entire penis, you leave ample room — a half-inch space — at the tip for semen to collect unless the condom comes designed with a “reservoir” tip.
Smooth out any air bubbles to ensure the condom fits securely.
++ If you are uncircumcised, make sure the foreskin is pulled back before you put on the condom.
++ After intercourse of any kind, remember to hold on tight to the condom at the rim and pull out slowly while the penis is still hard, to prevent spillage.
++ Store condoms in a cool, dry place because extreme temperatures can damage them. Body heat will cause latex to deteriorate, so it’s not a good idea to keep condoms in a wallet.

Confidence tips

++ Keep condoms handy at all times. If things start getting steamy – you’ll be ready. It’s not a good idea to find yourself having to rush out at the crucial moment to buy condoms – at the height of the passion you may not want to.
++ When you buy condoms, don’t get embarrassed. If anything, be proud. It shows that you are responsible and confident and when the time comes it will all be worthwhile. It can be more fun to go shopping for condoms with your partner or friend. Nowadays, it is also easy to buy condoms discreetly on the internet.
++ Talk with your partner about using a condom before having sex. It removes anxiety and embarrassment. Knowing where you both stand before the passion stands will make you lot more confident that you both agree and are happy about using a condom.
++ If you are new to condoms, the best way to learn how to use them is to practice putting them on by yourself or your partner. It does not take long to become a master.
++ If you feel that condoms interrupt you passion then try introducing condoms into your lovemaking. It can be really sexy if your partner helps you put it on or you do it together.


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